terms and conditions of the service

MICHELA VARINI is an artist who creates artistic works. 

These terms and conditions apply to all orders placed on the website www.michelavarini.ch. The parties are bound only by the terms and conditions that are online on the day of the order.


Online orders are placed in the "shop" section.  

You are prompted to enter your email address or cell phone number for order-related communications. 

  • Email option: continue with entering the shipping address and required data. The method and calculation of shipping costs can be seen on subsequent screens. We will send an order receipt and recurring shipping updates via email.
  • Mobile Phone Option: continue with entering the shipping address and required data. The method and calculation of shipping costs are visible in the next screens. we will send an order receipt and recurring shipping updates via SMS.

You can also choose the option "Send me email with news and offers". 

Payment: all transactions are secure and encrypted. You can choose to pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.

Your order is binding when you accept the terms and conditions and press the "pay now" button. This concludes a complete and legally binding contract of sale. After receiving your order, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail or SMS.


The online offer is subject to change and is not binding. In general, the items offered in the online store are available. In case it is not possible to deliver one or more items due to stock variation, MICHELA VARINI will inform you of the circumstances as soon as possible and offer you comparable items. If none of these are of interest to you, the amount paid will be refunded to you.


Retail prices are calculated ex warehouse and are in local currency, including statutory value-added tax and excluding shipping costs.

The following payment methods are available for orders:

  • Credit/debit card: Visa, Visa Electron, Visa V PAY, Mastercard, Mastercard Maestro, American Express, PostFinance Card, PostFinance E-finance, TWINT
  • PayPal

No invoice will be sent for any order, even if present in the form of a request in the payment system.


The products ordered remain the property of MICHELA VARINI until their full payment.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods by returning the goods with a reason. The return of the goods is your responsibility and at your expense.

Items must be returned in the original unglued and undamaged packaging. Only immaculate, completely intact and unused items will be returned. Worn, dirty or damaged items cannot be taken back. Otherwise, we reserve the right to make claims.

Returns must be sent to:

Via Praccio 9A
6900 Massagno
+41 79 337 27 35

The value of the returned item may be deducted from the total amount due. If the total amount has already been transferred to MICHELA VARINI, you can choose between refund or a voucher. Shipping costs will not be refunded.


The warranty of the purchased items is limited to the seller's warranty. In case of improper handling or personal intervention the right of complaint ceases to exist.





After your order has been confirmed, we will send the items to your stated address in an appropriate package. Depending on the size of the order, an appropriate package will be chosen, and shipping costs will be charged accordingly.

We deliver worldwide.


For deliveries to Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein, shipping costs are: 
Domestic 1 0 kg - 0.5 kg 2.10 CHF
Domestic 2 0.501 kg - 1 kg 4.10 CHF

The following shipping costs are charged for deliveries to Europe:
Rate zone 1 Europe 1 0 kg - 0.1 kg 4.00 CHF
Rate zone 1 Europe 2 0.101 kg - 0.25 kg 9.00 CHF
Rate zone 1 Europe 3 0.251 kg - 0.5 kg 14.00 CHF
Rate zone 1 Europe 4 0.501 kg - 1 kg 20.00 CHF
Rate zone 1 Europe 5 1.01 kg - 1.5 kg 25.00 CHF
Rate zone 1 Europe 6 1.5 kg - 2 kg 30.00 CHF

The following shipping costs are charged for deliveries to the Rest of the World:
Rate Zone 2 Other Countries 1 0 kg - 0.1 kg 7.00 CHF
Rate zone 2 Other countries 2 0.101 kg - 0.25 kg 12.00 CHF
Rate zone 2 Other countries 3 0.251 kg - 0.5 kg 17.00 CHF
Rate zone 2 Other countries 4 0.501 kg - 1 kg 27.00 CHF
Rate zone 2 Other countries 5 1.01 kg - 1.5 kg 32.00 CHF
Rate zone 2 Other countries 6 1.5 kg - 2 kg 37.00 CHF

The amount charged includes actual shipping costs, packaging, shipping material and postage.


The usual delivery time with shipping is 3-5 working days for domestic merit.
For orders from abroad, delivery time may increase up to 14 working days. If delivery is not possible after several attempts or due to social or environmental unrest, MICHELA VARINI may withdraw from the contract.
MICHELA VARINI is not responsible if delivery is delayed or cancelled due to natural and environmental disasters or social or political unrest.


We ask you to verify the correctness, completeness and integrity of the items received. Complaints regarding delivery scope, material defects, wrong delivery and quantity deviations should be reported by e-mail within 5 business days of receipt to shop@michelavarini.ch. The disputed goods will be examined promptly at the time of delivery. If MICHELA VARINI accepts the defect, a replacement will be send and shipping costs will be refunded. Otherwise, the full amount will be refunded.



This website and all information and data published on it are the intellectual property of MICHELA VARINI and are protected by intellectual property rights, in particular Copyright and Trademark laws. Texts, images, graphics, sounds, animations, videos and their arrangement on MICHELA VARINI's website are protected by copyright law and other protective laws. The content of this website may not be duplicated, distributed, altered, or disclosed to third parties for commercial purposes. 
Please be advised that some images posted on the website are subject to third-party copyright. 
Unless otherwise specified, all trademarks on this website are subject to the law governing trademark.



The protection of your personal information is very important to us. We follow current data protection regulations and protect your data from unauthorized access by third parties (data security measures).
Our online store is encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer), securely transfers all delivery data as well as your payment and personal data. 
MICHELA VARINI is authorized to use your personal data to provide you with special offers or information about its new collections. You can revoke your consent using the integrated system provided, or at any time by emailing info@michelavarini.ch. 
Through technological and organizational measures, we protect our website and other systems against loss, deletion, access, modification and distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. 
This website contains a button that allows you to share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Activating this button brings you into direct contact with the social network. Social networks may use the personal data of its users in a way that is not in compliance with data protection, as the use of data may not provide sufficient security guarantees. 


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