artistic path

reflection on the work and technique

The collage technique I learned during my decorator's apprenticeship is the basis of my artistic work. The first works were made starting from 2000. In an initial phase I cut out images that I particularly liked, then gluing them onto wooden boards. I was especially struck by the colors. Later I started to insert details that creatively completed the collage.

From those first works I started experimenting with new forms of expression. In fact, over the years I have had the opportunity to discover techniques that enrich the collages with the addition of acrylic paint and with the inclusion of photos taken personally.

Initially I concentrated on the creation of paintings, which explored the collage technique in various ways. Gradually I began to use new techniques that allow me to create three-dimensional creations, such as sculptures and maquettes.

My work continues to evolve from year to year, while maintaining the collage as the basis of the composition, but adding new elements that I draw from the techniques of plastic art.

My works have a well-defined structure, with a search for spatial depth and at the same time with a particular attention to making shapes and colors explode.

I want to convey the joy of living and at the same time express the infinite possibilities of my creativity, using images that evoke nature in its multiple realities and in its multiple colors.

My artistic expression can be summarized with the image of a red thread.
A red thread that continues from work to work.
A red thread that is found in every human existence.