personal exhibitions

- Arty Show: exhibition between Neuchâtel artists and shopkeepers. Exhibition of the works of the previous exhibition "From the roots to the stars" in the two windows of the A la Carte hairdressing salon.

- 1 min video from smartphone. As part of the release of the "From NE with Love" catalog at the Center d'art Quartier Général de La Chaux-de-Fonds. Title "Mise à nu".
- Works in 3D. Title "De la racine aux étoiles" at the boutique La vie en Suite, à Neuchâtel.
- 12 collages at the Cabinet médical de Cernier (NE).

- Showcase at the G'ART in Neuchâtel. A work of 5 meters, 2 meters high.

- Sculptures and paintings at the Valangin Museum as part of Visarte (Society of Swiss painters and sculptors).
- Group exhibitions in 9 locations in the canton of Neuchâtel. Title 'PARTOUT ”. Publication of a catalog.
- 21 paintings, entitled 'PRINTEMPS-ETE' at the Boutique La vie en Suite (designer objects and branded clothes) in Neuchâtel.

- 2 collages, title 'TONS ROUGES' at the Center Culturel Neuchâtelois.
- For the 150th anniversary of Visarte, creation of a collective work. Publication bound by the Public and University Library of Neuchâtel (BPUN) consisting of 26 works.

- 17 collages at the Prévention Santé in Colombier (Neuchâtel).
- 13 collages, collective exhibition , CRE'ART in Corcelles (Neuchâtel).

- 5 collages at the Musée Paysan in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
- 13 collages, collective exhibition, CRE'ART a Corcelles (Neuchâtel).

- 38 collages at Finterbank in Chiasso (Ticino).
- 8 collages, collective exhibition in Serrières (Neuchâtel).

- 13 collages, collective exhibition at the Center Professionnel du Littoral in Neuchâtel.
- 9 collages at the Atelier Lubick in St. Blaise.

- Following the exhibition 'PARCOURS' a collection of lithographs was created, exhibited at the Hotel Splendid in Lugano with the poet Gilberto Isella, who recited his poems combined with each lithograph.

- 20 paintings at the Center Culturel Neuchâtelois entitled 'PARCOURS'.

- 2 collages at the Salon International du Collage in Paris.
- 11 paintings at the St. Matteo Restaurant in Cagiallo (Ticino).

- 20 paintings at the Migros Club School in Neuchâtel.
- 20 pictures at the St. Anna Sorengo Clinic (Ticino).

- 4 collages at the Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg cooperative Society.