Michela Varini lives and works in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Born in Washington and grown up in Lugano. She enrolled in 1991 at the University of Neuchâtel to study ethnology. She then decided to discontinue her studies, as she was attracted to the world of art. In fact, since childhood she has known this world both through travel and cultural visits and through her family. Two paternal uncles are recognized artists: Felice Varini, for his interventions in space (contemporary art) and Carlo Varini, as a director of photography in French movies.

Michela began an apprenticeship as a decorator in 1996 at the Decopub atelier located in Corcelles (Neuchâtel). She will then work for Decopub for 4 years, having the opportunity to participate in the creation of about twenty exhibitions in museums in the region.

In 2003-2004 Michela undertakes continuing education in Museology and Cultural Mediation at the University of Lausanne.

In 2009 she follows a training in Paris on the Arno Stern method. Arno Stern ateliers promote the free expression of gesture by means of brush and painting. Participants are accompanied so that they can express themselves freely without preconceptions. 

From 1999 to 2021 she worked as a decorator for the Migros cooperative in Neuchâtel-Fribourg, experimenting with decoration in space, in the design and implementation of artistic decorations.

Her personal artistic activity began in 2000 in parallel with her other educational and work activities. Starting with the collage technique, her creativity is now expressed through mixed techniques applied to sculptures, objects and paintings.